Chilled, heating and condenser water pipework

Our services range from replacing valves and repairing fractured and damaged pipelines to the complete installation of large chilled water, condenser water and heating water pipework for hospitals, universities, office buildings, hotels and shopping centers.


Compressed air pipework

We organise compressed air pipe fabrication and installation, tailored for specific applications using copper, aluminium, stainless steel, Polly pipe, galvanised pipe, victaulic and swaged press pipe.


Diesel pipework

We can arrange the supply and installation of diesel pipework systems to suit customer or specification requirements.


Live thermowell insertion

Thermowell to be inserted through a hot tapped valve. Probe can be replaced if it gets corroded simply by retracting the probe and inserting another one. No water loss.

Hot tapping services provide reliable, safe and controlled entry into live piping, vessels and tanks operating at pressure without losing product or interrupting system operations.

Pipe-freezing is a non-intrusive, controlled method of providing pipeline isolation, through the application of liquid nitrogen. The pipework freezing process begins by drawing out the heat from the product within the pipe until it reaches a temperature below its freeze point.  Eventually the product freezes to form an internal ice plug.

Pipe-freezing is a fast, clean and efficient method for carrying out repairs and piping alterations without having to isolate or drain an entire piping system. It is safe, cost effective and reliable.


Steam / condensate pipework

We can arrange the supply and installation of steam and condensate pipework systems to suit customer or specification requirements.


Other process and industrial pipework systems

Pipeline Mechanical is the place to go for the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of every possible industrial pipeline system. Because of our flexible mentality and our skillful staff, we can always guarantee an excellent product for a competitive price.